Thermal regulation of grounds

The GreenPAC®" system

The system Green PAC® consists of an underground network of DN 25 polyethylene pipes spaced at a maximum of 30 cm apart, supplied with water (hot or cold depending on the season) by one or more heat pumps. It maintains a constant temperature at the root level, no stress for the lawns.

The parallel installation of 2 Green PAC® systems allows for better energy optimisation according to the external climatic conditions (an energy study can be carried out according to the weather conditions).

This solution optimises energy consumption with a COP/EER (*) of 2.5 in winter and 3.5 in summer. A supervision system allows the control and parameterization of the whole system as well as the remote control by a technician for the maintenance of the installation.

The Green PAC® system provides a cooler feeling for players in hot weather.